About me

My name is Liese pronounced LEE-CEE, or LEAZE, and I am the mother of an amazing girl, Cooper. I'm happily unmarried to a Yukon man, Jason. Together, we are the Wolffinson's.

I'm a new blogger. To be honest, I'm completely starting from scratch when it comes to technology. I don't have a cell phone. I know. People always say to me "how do you live???" But I hate feeling "on call". I don't text. I don't take pictures of everything I see. I don't check what my friends are doing while I'm out at the park with Cooper. I like to pride myself on not having my eyes on my phone but keeping them on my daughter. So I'm starting from the bottom but slowly learning through hours of youtube videos how to start my own blog and how to get people to "like" my stuff!

I hope to share some ideas, experiences and things I think are just awesome! Thanks for checking me out!

Any tips/feedback are GREATLY appreciated!