Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween- Wolffinson Style

Halloween is HUGE in our house! For me it's always been my favourite time of year. I love dressing up and decorating the house and it's something we're passing on to our daughter. There's a fairly simple outline we follow to have a successful Halloween and it goes as follows:

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

10 Minute Sweep

As anyone with kids knows it doesn't matter how much you clean. The second you turn your back, everything is everywhere! This is no different when you only have 1 child. Add 2 crazy shedding dogs into the mix and it's even worse! We have a system in our family that allows us to maintain a livable area without the bitching and whining of "I don't wanna clean!" We call it the 10 minute sweep.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

NEW Dairy Milk MARVELLOUS Creations

Cadbury's New Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations "Jelly Popping Candy" is hands down this family's new favourite chocolate bar!

It's fully loaded with chewy jellybeans, rich milk chocolate and the best part....POP ROCKS! If you're thinking, "That's an odd combination..." you're not alone. That's what I thought too. Try it! You must try it!! The milk chocolate of course, is amazing. It's Cadbury. The chewiness of the jellybeans adds an awesome texture and the BEST part is the pop rocks bursting as the chocolate melts in your mouth! It's like it makes the flavour last a little longer!

Our house is addicted and we fight over each piece. The next time you see this chocolate bar, you must give it a try. Metro sells the smaller 47g size for just $1.00. You'll thank me later!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bedtime routine-I rub my daughter's feet

Bedtime in our house is pretty lax. Our daughter goes to bed anywhere from 8:30pm-10pm. We've developed a pretty standard routine. Brush your teeth, mom reads, dad sings, Inka (our husky) climbs into her bed and lights out. I'd say 90% of the time it's that simple. But then there's that other 10% of the time...."I can't sleep!"

Saturday, 11 October 2014

How old does your child have to be to walk to/from school on their own?

How old does your child have to be to walk to/from school on their own? Does it matter if they are a boy or girl?

An argument started at home the other day when we realized the boy who walks our daughter to and from school graduates this year. I said, "well I guess we'll have to figure something else out." And that's when my Yukon man said to me, "ya, I guess Cooper will start walking herself to school next year.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

My daughter is my friend

I hear a lot of people say "I'm my kid's parent, not their friend." I see it on tv, those nanny shows, Dr. Phil says it a lot too. "You are not your child's friend." Ya I dunno....can't say I feel the same way.