Monday, 3 November 2014

Beanie Boo OBSESSED!

Did you ever have something you were obsessed with collecting when you were a kid? Cabbage Patch kids? G.I Joes? My Little Pony? Right now for my daughter, it's TY Beanie Boo's!!! 

She's CRAZY obsessed! Like most kids, she is an animal lover. So for her, it was all too easy to fall in love with these soft furry friends with those big eyes just begging to be taken home. There are soo many Beanie Boo's and she has 41 in total right now. They all come with their own name, birthdate, and cute little poem. It all started with Slush, the husky. We have a husky so we thought it would be a cute new addition to her stuffy collection. But we had no idea what we started! 

My daughter is an only child, which means she's already great at entertaining herself, using her imagination. She is content having alone time playing with her toys or reading etc. But since these Beanie Boo's have entered her life, she can disappear for hours at a time!

Literally every single day she pulls them all out and plays with them. She talks to them. She organizes them in to their "families". Every time she gets a new one she draws a picture of it and adds it to her book of Beanie Boo's. She keeps a list of all the Beanie Boo's on her wall and checks them off as she collects them. SHe brings them to school in her backpack and she's getting all her friends into them too! (Their parents must LOVE us). She tucks them in at night. She even made a frickin power point presentation and put it on youtube!! I'm not kidding!!    

So if you're struggling with something to buy a kid for a birthday gift or maybe for your own child for Christmas, consider stopping by Mastermind's, Party
City, Chapters or Shopper's Drug Mart. The 6 inch TY Beanie Boo's are usually $5.99 and honestly, she's saved up her weekly allowance to buy most of the ones she has herself.

Now it's time for mom and dad to help seek out the rare older ones....YIKES!!!


  1. They are super cute! AND, I must say, your daughters organization, categorizing, and presentation skills are awesome. Very likely indicators of what she will do as an adult! These are all very valuable skills for everyone to have regardless of what they choose to do!

  2. Too cute!! I have "tons" of teddy bears! Mostly stuffed bears, but I also have things like decorative plates and ceramic bears.

  3. Hi. She is so cute! Did she make the presentation by herselves? It is excellent! My son is also the collector of the toys!

    1. Her dad showed her how to do it and she literally did the rest herself! Took the pictures, edited it, added the music..etc. So awesome to see what kids can really do when they are that into something!

  4. Lol!!! Coop is sure one talented little lady. I'm going to ask for her help with my best power point. Lol