Thursday, 2 October 2014

My daughter is my friend

I hear a lot of people say "I'm my kid's parent, not their friend." I see it on tv, those nanny shows, Dr. Phil says it a lot too. "You are not your child's friend." Ya I dunno....can't say I feel the same way.

Maybe it's because she is my only child. But we can literally hang out. She never has to compete for our attention. She has really only ever been around adults. She can "chill" with us and our friends and she's never a bother. Or maybe it's because we have common interests. Seriously, we watch Big Brother, we watch Survivor, AFV. We have the same sense of humour. We both love art and creating, painting. We both read and write a lot. I don't understand the whole "don't be their friend" thing. Why? I love going for mommy daughter adventures and laughing like crazy. Driving around, getting lost together and finding our way again. I love that when we're together I share things with her and she shares what's going on in her life. Isn't that what friends do anyway?

Maybe it's because we don't HAVE to parent her all the time. She's never thrown fits, she doesn't get in trouble at school or at home. We guide her and help her make decisions but ultimately she's the one who makes her decisions. I can and do go to her for advice. She gives me a unique perspective on things and reminds me what's important. She drives me to be a better person. We are equals in this family and we unite as the Wolffinson's.

So I'm proud to call her my friend now at age 7. I can't wait to be her friend when she's 17, 20, 35. Maybe it's because she brings out the child in me....maybe it's because she makes life easy...

..or maybe it's because she is so frickin awesome. Who knows.

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