Saturday, 29 August 2015

Creamy Philly Pasta

Overall, I'd say we're healthy eaters. We don't count calories and we don't skip putting butter on our veggies but we eat a pretty balanced diet. This pasta recipe is one that is always a huge hit at our house and my daughter and niece beg me to make it! I won't lie, it has a few steps but in the end, it's totally worth it! Introducing my version of...creamy Philly pasta!!

You can totally vary this recipe to suit your taste buds. I like to try to have different colours in my meals. I think it just looks better. And to my family, if it looks better, it tastes better. Choice of veggies are completely up to you but this is what I used for this recipe.

Here is what you'll need:

Half pepper (orange)
Cherry tomatoes

2 Chicken breasts

Philly cream cheese
1 cup of milk
Parmesean cheese

*Pasta (choose what you like. The sauce usually absorbs into the pasta so I try to use either skinny angel hair or for this recipe I used tri-coloured rotini. The sauce absorbs but the flavour sinks in and it's YUMMMMY)

First thing I do: boil my water for the pasta. I hate forgetting to do that and then everything else is ready and I have to wait for the water....grrr...

Start by cooking your chicken. I just season them with salt and pepper and pan fry them with some oil and butter. Simple and delicious way to cook your chicken. Once it's cooked, put it aside and let it stand for a few minutes to lock the juice in there before you start slicing. 

While your chicken is cooking cut your veggies. Mince the garlic. I steam the broccoli and peppers together, then once they are almost cooked I add the spinach, cherry tomatoes and peas near the end. I like the tomatoes warm so when you stick your fork in them, they just burst open and the juice tastes soooo good with the pasta sauce. Peas are just for some extra crunchy sweetness. Once the veggies are done, you are ready to make your sauce.

This is where I usually put my pasta in to cook.

I do the sauce last because it literally takes like 3 minutes to make and let's be honest, it's the secret weapon to this whole recipe. 

Get a pan hot with some oil and put a tsp of butter in it. Throw in your minced garlic. Be careful to not burn your garlic. Add in your chunk of Philly. 

I use about this much although you can use more or less. Not really into measuring. Just add what you like. When you put it into the hot pan with the garlic squish it up with a fork to break it down. Use a whisk and break it down even more. You will find that it seems sticky and clumpy. **This is totally normal**. This will be fixed when you pour your milk in....which you should start doing right now. As you are whisking, slowly add in the milk (I use 1%)....keep whisking....keep pouring. You will see the cheese melts into the milk and have a super yummy sauce. I usually add in some ground pepper and some parmesan cheese as well for extra flavour. Make sure if your pasta isn't ready just yet to just keep whisking the sauce. 

Once everything is ready, slice your chicken and throw it all into a pot and mix it together. Serve and eat quickly because as I mentioned, the sauce absorbs if you let it sit too long. It's a family favourite in this house.....especially the little tomato flavour explosions....ENJOY!

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  1. This looks great! So going to make this next week.