Sunday, 9 November 2014

Embarrass your hubby in 5 easy steps

Our family is fun. We always take joy in picking on each other. Whether it's making fun of one another or pointing and laughing when someone falls down, we are all on an even playing field and nobody is off limits. Today I took pride in setting up my hubby for a great embarrassment and I will leave step by step instructions on how I did it. 

Step 1- You need great material. 

You can't make something from nothing so you have 
to wait for that perfect moment. My opportunity came when my daughter got a pair of hand me down super stretchy jeggings that were a bit big for her. My hubby says, "OMG babe YOU try them on! Do it! Do it!" So I roll my eyes and try them on. WOW, I'm embarrassed. In my own home in front of my family I'm embarrassed and I can't wait to take them off. But of course my hubby says, "wait let me take a picture!!" We argue a bit but eventually I give in and let him get a pic or 2 of me in these ridiculous pants. And then DING...the light bulb goes off. My opportunity has come...

Step 2- Set your trap

I say, "Ok babe, now it's YOUR turn! YOU put them on!" Knowing my hubby, he is always up for something ridiculous. He is silly and over the top so I know he'll do it. And I know he'll give it all he's got! He squeezes into these leggings and we laugh and laugh. Immediately I grab the camera and take some shots. He's posing and giving his best duck lips. Such a great sport. He takes them off and thinks the laughs are over but I have it all planned out.

Step 3- Be patient

You can't expect magic to happen without a little patience. I gave it 3 or 4 days without taking action. Just enough time for him to forget all about those pictures.

Step 4- Take action

Grab that camera! First thing I did was delete all the pictures of me. I don't want any backlash because I looked really, really bad in those things! I found the most ridiculous picture I could of my hubby and posted it to my facebook with appropriate hashtags. #hesgoingtokillme #seethroughpants

Step 5- Keep him busy

You need time for everyone to see your work! I kept my man busy by rearranging and cleaning our room and our daughter's room. About 3 hours. Then I made dinner...all the while my phone is buzzing like crazy from all the "likes" and comments our friends are leaving. Halfway through dinner, that's when I laid down the hammer. "Hey babe, have you been on facebook recently?" He knew instantly something was wrong. He sprang up from the dinner table and logged into his phone and just glared at me!!! He laughed a little too because he's a good sport. I felt AMAZING! It's a win for me!!! 


So that's a little HOW TO for ya. I use this structure all the time. It will work for you too! I'm so good that not only did I get him on facebook, but I'm now writing a blog about it! Thanks for the inspiration babe! xo


  1. LOL! That's hilarious! My hubby might do it, but he would kill me if I posted it. :-)

  2. Wow, I'm glad he's such a good sport - I don't think my hubby would do it in the first place, and he certainly wouldn't appreciate me sharing such a picture!

  3. You're lucky you have a husband who is such a good sport Liese. By the way, I just learned a new word: jeggings, though initially thought it was a typo - should be leggings. ;) <3

    1. LOL, he is so amazing! I told him he is my new inspiration for writing! Jeggings are the latest thing for my daughter. She hates jeans. Finds them very uncomfortable. But jeggings give you the look of jeans and the comfort of leggings.....just wish they made them my size!